Rioja chorizo is a quality product that conquers international menus


Rioja chorizo ​​has been synonymous with quality and flavour for decades in Spain. In recent years, this iconic product of our cuisine has also taken an international leap, and it is now common to find recipes that incorporate chorizo ​​as one of its star ingredients.

From London to New York, from France to Germany, Rioja chorizo ​​has conquered the best international chefs and, thanks to innovative and daring recipes, it has become a gourmet product present in menus and restaurants beyond our borders.

While in Spain, chorizo ​​has always been present in our homes, from the simple bocadillo sandwich to the most traditional recipes inherited from generation to generation, its international leap is intimately linked to its positioning as a “gourmet” product.

The famous chorizo ​​scallops from Nigella Lawson, a writer and host of culinary programs, the proposal of cod with chorizo ​​from the star, Gordon Ramsey, and tomato salad with fried chorizo ​​from the British chef, Jamie Oliver, are just some examples.

This is an evolution that brings Rioja chorizo to new geographies without detracting from its properties, its quality, and its flavour.