Protected geographical indication Chorizo riojano Authentic flavor

Sarta de chorizo

Paprika 100% category extra

La Rioja Spain

Produced in the territory of the autonomous community of la rioja with audited control of the processes of production, aging, drying and labelling.

Garlic 100% natural fresh

Meat and bacon from lean pork

Fine dry salt

Horseshoe shaped chorizo, 30-40mm in diameter with a firm, compact consistency, smooth and well bound, balanced, intense aroma.

100% natural pork casing

History Tradition of a land, wealth of a people


vino, chorizo y pan, gastronomía La Rioja

Wine, chorizo and bread – a treat for your palate

The renowned wines of La Rioja attract visitors from all over the world, but it is the pleasures of a cuisine that is firmly rooted in the land that win…

recetas con chorizo

Chorizo mini-quiche

Enjoy one of your favorite ingredients in a different, tasty way that will be appreciated by kids and grown-ups alike. Oh, you can surely innovate in your kitchen with Riojan chorizo, stepping…


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