cata chorizo riojano IGP

There are a string of reasons to consume PGI Chorizo Riojano.

The products protected under the PGI Chorizo Riojano meet the established, certified requirements from the point of view of ingredients and process and especially in the sensory field, hence making it a unique chorizo.

PGI Chorizo Riojano has sensory descriptors that set it apart from the rest and to define them, a methodology has been established as well as an expert tasting panel of 30 tasters who perform blind tasting.

This chorizo​has its own sensorial and differentiating characteristics; its characteristic string-tied or horseshoe shape, its visual aspect in which areas of meat and fat are clearly differentiated, its intense color, its glistening fat, it is very juicy and in the mouth has a very harmonized taste characterized by notes of paprika and garlic that give it a very balanced flavor and aroma.

All the products protected under the PGI Chorizo Riojano are of the highest quality and a guarantee for the consumer.

The following video shows the PGI Chorizo Riojano tasting process.

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