Desserts and cocktails contest EHOJA


This time the challenge was even more difficult for the students of the School of Hospitality and Tourism of La Rioja in Santo Domingo de la Calzada. We invite your ingenuity and creativity to get the best out of Rioja chorizo ​​through desserts and cocktails. You read that right, desserts and cocktails with chorizo.


These were the finalist skewers:

  1. Choribom
  2. Crispy chorizo ​​mousse
  3. Chorizo ​​french toast
  4. Chorizo ​​panna cotta
  5. Camerano cheese and chorizo ​​tart
  6. Chorizo ​​Cheesecake
  7. Riojan Pleasure
  8. Chorizo ​​Macaron

A jury made up of two EHOJA teachers and a member of the IGP Chorizo ​​Riojano were in charge of tasting all the finalist desserts and cocktails that were presented and explained by each of the students.



These were the finalist creations:

  1. Bloody Mery Riojano
  2. Mango and chorizo ​​cocktail
  3. chorizo ​​mojitos
  4. Sour Sausage
  5. Red Russian

Do you want to know who the winners were? Find out in this video