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Some products have been with us since forever, and there is no doubt chorizo falls into the category. What would the Spanish gastronomy be without it? Chorizo is a delicacy to be enjoyed anytime, and one which will cheer up even the humblest stew. Not all chorizos are equal, however. You may have heard the old adagio that “the good one” is the one from Rioja, but how can you tell the traditional one—the real deal? No worries, as the seal of quality will keep you from being conned! Let us explain to you what is IGP.

What is IGP—Distinct quality 

In is not uncommon to see the IGP seal when shopping down here. You may have even read the small print, and so you know it stands for “Indicación Geográfica Protegida” (Protected Geographic Indication). But do you really know what is IGP? And what is it that makes IGP-food so special?

The IGP brand is one of the systems acknowledged in Spain and in Europe to indicate the exceptional quality of unique products with very distinct features. These are traditional in their making and inseparable from the area where they are produced—or from its culture, for that matter. The brand identifies products from a specific origin, whose great quality is the result of people’s hard work and the very particular aspects of their birthplace.

That is how the value of the product and of its manufacturers is recognized, in an effort to protect them from poor imitations and to secure their work and keep tradition alive. As customers, we have an interest in the IGP seal inasmuch as it guarantees a first quality product that meets all due requirements.

que es la igp chorizo riojano

If you settle for nothing but the best, you can always trust IGP Chorizo Riojano

We always love to offer our guests something for starters, and chorizo is a must that is enjoyed by everyone. But beware! While an exquisite chorizo will bring tears of joy to the eyes of a guest, a poor quality one may have them exchange harsh words with their host. How can you avoid a blunder while shopping? Easy… do not gamble! Look for the seal “IGP Chorizo Riojano” and you will always get it right.

Only the pieces that fulfill the demands of maximum quality as set in the Protected Geographic Indication can proudly display this seal. Created, regulated and approved in 2008, the seal is curated by specialists from the Regulating Board who certify that every product conforms to the highest standards. Not only must it be an exceptional chorizo—it also has to be properly produced.

So how is a Riojan chorizo produced? However obvious the statement may sound, it is a chorizo that is produced in La Rioja, where the tradition of pork products goes back to time immemorial, thanks to the unique character of this land. The task is carried on today by traditional family businesses that rely of state-of-the-art technology while observing tradition, in a thoroughly elaborate process that is controlled in every stage to guarantee nothing but the utmost quality.

First class ingredients that are 100% natural, additive-free and entirely prepared in Riojan land by expert hands: this is the only way to obtain the chorizo of extraordinary category whose flavor and taste are unmistakable. The IGP seal acknowledges the quality of the chorizo and helps protect its identity and tradition for generations to come.

So now you know—if you want to enjoy the best chorizo, all you need is to find the seal of quality “IGP Chorizo Riojano”. Look for it in the traditional string of horseshoe-shaped sausages that we call a ‘sarta’ and you are sure to hit your mark. Its distinctive flavor will captivate your senses from the very shopping basket, and your home snacks, sandwiches and dishes will be as glad as your guests!

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