Lorenzo Cañas Embajador IGP Chorizo Riojano

As part of the promotional campaign of the Chorizo Riojano Protected Geographical Indication, Lorenzo Cañas has been presented as the ambassador of this Certified Quality label.

The President of the Chorizo Riojano GPI, Alejandro Miguel, was in charge of granting this appointment to the master chef in the presence of the President of La Rioja, Mr. Ignacio Ceniceros, the Agriculture Minister, Mr Iñigo Nagore and other authorities.

“A whole string of reasons”

Chorizo riojano with the PGI is characterized by its horseshoe or “sarta” shape and together with the reference to this word in Spanish, which also means “a series of”, the campaign concept “A whole string of reasons,” was created to invite you to try this delicious product.

Reasons such as the fact that the chorizo protected by the Chorizo Riojano Protected Geographical Indication is elaborated with 100% natural ingredients, must be premium category, contain no additives, be elaborated in La Rioja and in facilities which control the process of elaboration, maturity and drying, as well as the quality and handling of the raw materials.

And all  these reasons are endorsed by the master chef Lorenzo Cañas,the renowned master chef from la Rioja and one of the pioneers of modern cuisine in our country; reasons why Chorizo Riojano GPI thought of him as the best representative of this quality product. A compelling reason without doubt.

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